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Question- Is the Booster Strap sold as single straps or pairs?

Answer- Pairs!

Question- Does the Booster stiffen the boot?

Answer- Not per se. The Booster changes the perception or range of flex. The (forward) pressure begins instantly as you start your turn.

Question- Will the Booster help my shin bang?

Answer- Yes. The elastic of the Booster acts as a spring or cushion preventing the shim from banging against the front of the boot.

Question- Is the Booster Strap for racers only.

Answer- No. The Booster helps secure your leg to the boot in a positive fashion which is needed by all skiers and for that matter all movement. Casual sport enthusiasts need proper fitting snug footwear to enjoy their sport.

Question- Why is the Booster called a “dynamic” power strap?

Answer- The Booster is made with very tough elastic for the purpose of stretching when skiing forces are applied to it. The stretch implies repetitive back and forth movement therefore: dynamic

Question- I’m right on the cusp of Expert and World Cup. Which Booster should I use.

Answer- Go with the stiffer one. As you use the Booster Strap typically you get more proficient and therefore would want the stiffer one. N.B. If you are aggressive definitely go stiffer.

Question- Can you change the stiffness of the Booster?

Answer- You adjust the stiffness of the Booster by stretching the elastic webbing to the desired tension for your strength and ability.

Question- I have 130 flex boots and weigh 160 lbs. Which model do I choose?

Answer- A good rule of thumb is to match the flex index of the boot with the model Booster Strap. Also remember there is a grey area between models. Less than 100 flex – Intermediate, 110 to 130 –Expert, and greater than 130 the World Cup.

Question- How exact is the chart?

Answer- There is plenty of overlap or grey area. i.e. you can adjust the intermediate to be stiff or the expert to be soft – within limits. This includes the World Cup.


Question- I chose my Booster based on recommendations but it seems too stiff.

Answer- The Booster may be too tight. Try loosening it a little without letting it go slack.

Question- I put my Booster on and cannot tell the difference.

Answer- Likely it is too loose or used incorrectly.

Question- How does the Booster attach?

Answer- The Booster mounts in a similar fashion to the strap that came with the Boot except the elastic is placed against the tongue of the inner boot.

Question- Do I need my old power strap?

Answer- No. The Booster is elastic and the Velcro strap is non elastic. There is never a time you would need both at the same time.

Question- How does the Booster work?

Answer- The Booster being elastic is placed against the tongue of the inner liner and tensioned it creates a perfectly snug fit between your leg and the ski boot. In other words it eliminates any extra space at the boot top. Therefore when your shin pushes forward at the start of your turn the movement immediately gets transmitted to the boot and therefore the ski tip telling the ski to turn.

Question- What if I buy the wrong strength Booster?

Answer- The Booster is backwards compatible, that is you can convert the World Cup to the Expert and the Expert to the Intermediate by eliminating a strip of material. You cannot go the other way.

Question- My boot strap is riveted on. What do I do?

Answer- We recommend removing the rives. You can remove the rivet with a drill and a ¼” bit. Attach the Booster with #6 or #8 screws by 3/8” or ½” available at any hardware store. It’s best to use round head screws with a washer on both sides and a nylon insert nut. Stainless steel hardware will look especially chic.

Question- My Boots have a high piece of plastic in the front. Should I route the Booster over the plastic?

Answer- NO! For maximum performance the Booster needs to be against the tongue.


Question- Why do you recommend putting the Booster against the tongue?

Answer- When the Booster is routed against the tongue and outside the plastic in the back and the elastic is then stretched your leg is essentially pulled to the back of the boot. This eliminates all the extra space at the boot top without stiffening the boot. With no extra space any movement of you leg forward a load is immediately transmitted through the boot to the ski giving an instantaneous response.