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    Empower Yourself to Discover Skiing with Elastic Booster Straps
    All types skiers benefit from Booster Straps. Booster Straps make skiing easier and more fun!

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  • The elastic strap that makes any skier better.

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Booster Straps are suited for all skiers, convenient and improves ski response!

Dynamic Elastic Straps

Dynamic elastic straps stretch, allowing you to cinch them super tight for an increase in performance. Your stock power strap doesn’t lock you in like a Booster Strap for an insanely tight closure. They also provide cushioning to keep your shins from bangin’ when you’re gettng ultra-sendy, too.

Easy Installation

Used by 80% of Olympic Skiers

Booster Straps, will make any skier better. Allowing them to start turns quicker and have a more responsive skiing experience by cinching ’em down which allows for a stiffer flex, yielding exceptional power transmission and precision handling.

Skier Testimonials

I truly believe Booster Straps make me a better skier! Whether it’s my alpine or touring boots you’ll always find a set of Booster straps in place of the factory power straps. As an ex-racer I like to be in the front of the boot so consistent tongue pressure is a must have for me. I wouldn’t ski without them!

Booster straps give me the ability to power up my edges and be confident in my turns, eliminating any shin bag or cuff space in the boot that the stock straps allow for. I will never ski a day without Booster straps, they make me a better skier instantly!

Booster Straps really work, they are actually the most important part of boots performance adjustability.

I love Booster Straps. Works way better than Velcro. Locks you in and provides all day comfort!

I love the security of my Booster Straps and the adjustability! Before hitting a big powder line I can just lift up my pants and tighten my straps to feel more confident and secure while skiing. On the other hand if I’m having a chill day taking laps I can easily loosen the straps a little while still feeling secure.

The addition of booster straps has improved the snug feel and responsiveness. I feel more secure and stronger in my boots.

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