The Booster Strap was founded in 1999 by Ray Fougere

Product Idea:

Being athletic and loving the winter outdoors Fougere began his skiing life in his early 20’s after earning a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Taking a mechanical approach to the aspects of skiing-specifically energy and load transfer from the skier to the ski. In that respect he thought the ideal ski boot should be rigid in the lateral (edging) mode and elastic in the forward pressure mode.  Specifically focusing on the pressure response mode of the ski to the skier, the idea of the Booster strap was born.  Suddenly, in 1999, the epiphany.  After coaching and watching kids in the starting gate for 25 years the idea struck-use elastic bands for boot tightness and a better pressure response.  The first Booster strap was fabricated in Fougere’s kitchen. With heavy elastic bands  he was able to control the forward pressure while keeping the lateral rigidity intact.


The company started with a trip to US Ski Team training camp with hopes world class athletes would adopt the idea. They did in droves! Today ski athletes of all disciplines and levels use Booster straps because it’s elastic properties enhance the boot’s properties and hence their competitive performance.

Subsequently Park and Pipe skiers found the Booster Strap stopped shin bang.

Today boot companies are incorporating Booster Strap technology as original equipment on many of their ski boots.  The use of elastic bands enhances the performance of ski boots and therefore the fun and exhilaration our boots contribute to the skiing experience — exclaims one ski boot designer.  The benefit to skiers at all levels is enormous.